Integrated into local culture, The University of Akron’s Confucius Institute at the 2015 Global Village Festival

Confucius Institute logo printed on the banner of the main stage

Daibolo Playing

Writing the Chinese Chracters with the large brush

Learning the Chinese Paper cutting

On September 13th the Confucius Institute participated in the 2015 Akron Global Village Festival. Lock 3 Park is along the ancient Erie Canal in downtown Akron and was a beautiful location for the festival. Several nationalities were featured with exhibit tables and booths. Around 12pm the opening ceremony of the Akron 2015 Global Village Festival began with the local Naval Reserve conducting the ceremony of the United States national flag and national anthem followed by a Scottish Band playing bagpipes and drums. The Confucius Institute logo is prominently printed on the banner in front of the main stage. The booth and tent with Chinese style decorations was located on the right side of the stage of the international education exhibition arena, and was eye-catching due to the five-star red flag of China and the Chinese dragon.

The Confucius Institute cultural tables displayed paper cutting, diabolo playing, shuttlecocks kicking, Chinese tea, traditional costumes, and chopsticks. Calligraphy was demonstrated with a special large brush dipped in a bucket of water replacing traditional Chinese ink. Children were invited to write Chinese characters on the sidewalk using the large brush. Local media visited the Confucius Institute booth and interviewed our volunteers. Dr. Colville-Hall with the special calligraphy brush wrote the Chinese characters of "Confucius Institute", "good", "China". Some of the audience participated in diabolo playing, paper cutting and so on. The visitors’ communication with Confucius Institute volunteers reflects the promotion and influence of Chinese culture in the Akron area.

During the festival, Confucius Institute distributed flyers for upcoming events.

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