Confucius Institute’s “China Week” successfully integrated into The University of Akron “Diversity Week”

Chinese Naming

Photography with Chinese Dragon

Practising TaiChi

Kite Fly

In order to promote Chinese culture, Confucius Institute at The University of Akron integrated “China Week” successfully into the University's Diversity Week September 14thto September 19th. These activities collaborated with other community organizations to carry out the promotion of Chinese culture. During the week’s activities, Chinese broad and profound culture was introduced and demonstrated to the Akron community and UA’s students, staff and faculty. Activities during the week were Tai Chi, Kite flying, and dragon dance, answering questions pertaining to China, Chinese calligraphy, exhibiting Chinese flower tea, the panda cartoon and the lion dance cartoon, Peking Opera mask, and providing information materials about Confucius Institute.

During July and August, Confucius Institute was actively involved in the development meetings with the university Department of Student Life planning the week by designing detailed schedules of specific activities time, place, publicity, security arrangements, etc. American Director Holly Harris Bane, Chinese Director QIN Mingzhou as well as Coordinator Nancy Easterling introduced CI’s China Week experience and advantages by suggesting several Chinese cultural activities.

With the supports of the university, all the venues were arranged in the Student Union Piano Lounge next to Starbuck Coffee, were the highest student traffic is on the UA campus. Outdoor activities were in Coleman Common in front of the President’s Building next to the Student Union, which attracted a large number of students, faculty and staff to participate in kite flying and Tai Chi which achieved good promotion for Confucius Institute as they educated students about China.

Minglun Campus:

85 Minglun Street, Kaifeng 475001, P.R. China

Minglun Campus:


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