The Sixth Chinese Culture Summer Camp of Confucius Institute at the University of Akron brought to a successful close

On June 15, the Sixth American high school Chinese Summer Camp of the Confucius Institute at the University of Akron began, 27 students from Akron City, Canton City, Cuyahoga Falls City etc. middle and high schools and more than 20 volunteers to participated in this event.

Summer camp had two parts of the Chinese language teaching and cultural experience, used the Recreation Center, Student Union of the University of Akron, Akron Public Library and other venues. Confucius Institute teachers well compiled the 2015 Summer Camp Textbook, which contained not only Chinese learning content, but also Chinese story, China tea, Tai Chi, the Peking Opera and so on Chinese culture. After the teacher's concentration and guidance, the students' Chinese level has been significantly improved, they are able to sing Chinese songs, poetry readings, self introduction in Chinese, etc..

During the Chinese cultural experience, the Confucius Institute teachers and volunteers have taught Chinese calligraphy, tea ceremony, Tai Chi, dragon dance, fan dance, the rhythm body talk (fitness dance), Dragon Boat Festival and others. The campers learn the Yang style Tai chi, dragon dance, calligraphy, drawing Beijing Opera mask, Chinese songs, fan dance, new fitness dance, listening to the Chinese dragon and the river, the moon legend story, taste of steamed rice dumpling (Zong Zi), noodles, spring rolls, dumplings, wonton of delicious Chinese food, visit the collections of Chinese books at Public Library and so on. Campers performed the newly learned all kinds of programs for their parents at the end. Meanwhile, Confucius Institute also produced small film of campers smile, and show it to all campers and their parents.

Kung fu

Dragon Dance

Fan Dance

Drawing opera mask

In order to allow campers to better understand China's long history and culture, Confucius Institute also made a special field trip to organize all the campers to the Cleveland City famous World Culture Park, paid homage to the statue of Confucius at the Chinese Garden, and invited the garden volunteer to introduce the story about Confucius. Then at the China Town in the city, the fun games have been carried out, the "understanding of Chinese characters, to find a commodity" fun games, to encourage students to express all kinds of Chinese food, film, arts and crafts in Chinese.

Visiting Confucius

After the end of the whole activity, many students parents emailed our Confucius Institute and said they would also send their children to take part in the activities of next year, and willing to encourage children to learn Chinese, to understand the profound Chinese culture.

(Mingzhou QIN, The Confucius Institute at the University of Akron)

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