The Confucius Institute at University of Akron hosted "China Day"

part of award giving meeting

Practicing Tai ji

Red fan dance

Praticing Chinese couplets

Making red lantern

On April 23, 2015, the University of Akron “China Day" was held ceremoniously at the Student Union. About 500 Students and volunteers from the local schools had a joyous gathering there, Global Ties, Cleveland Asian Action Association and other organizations actively collaborated with Confucius Institute and took part in the event.

At the beginning of this activity, Akron Chair of Global Ties, Ms. Michelle Wilson, delivered a welcome speech. Then, the students were organized to listen to the different culture speeches about Chinese Spring Festival, Spring Couplets, tea, fan dance, Tai Chi, red lantern. Succeeded by watching the Chinese movie "Celebrating the Grant Year", Practicing Tai Chi, writing couplets, making red lanterns, fan dancing and enjoying tea ceremony etc. Everywhere was permeated with a happy atmosphere.

About noon, the students began to perform a lot of programs such as " You will have no trouble throughout the world once you mastered Chinese language", "learning Chinese is not difficult", "Beijing welcome you", "San Ju ban", "tongue twister", "cheongsam show", "square dance", " little apple dance", "poetry recitation and singing" etc. The Confucius Institute teachers Mingzhou Qin, Kang Li, Ming Guo and other visiting scholars were invited as the referees.

At the Summary of activities, or the reward-giving meeting, Associate Vice President of University of Akron, Director of Confucius Institute, Holly Harris Bane gave her congratulations and thanks, and showed her Chinese “我爱你”(I love you), led to a burst of laughter. Modern Language Department Chair, Prof. Maria A. Zanetta also expresses her congratulations speech, thanked the Confucius Institute teachers, hoped that more children to The University to study Chinese. The students delegate, Bashor, said the study Chinese is not difficult, encouraged everyone to learn Chinese. Chinese Director, Dr. Qin Mingzhou appreciated that all the teachers and students had exhibited their excellent Chinese performances and practices, meanwhile delivered the prizes and certificates to the Chinese competition winners together with Ms. Nancy, Assistant to CI Director. The whole event was really efficient and orderly through all day, and got a high evaluation by the teachers and students. (Reported by Mingzhou QIN,Confucius Institute at the University of Akron)

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