ISCLC Organized Scholarship Students in the Confucius Institute to Visit the Shaolin Temple

On the morning of November 16th, ISCLC organized 50 scholarship students in the Confucius Institute from America, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Turkey and Russia and so on to visit the Shaolin Temple, Songshan Mountains.

During the trip, the guide using concise Chinese explained the important status of the Shaolin temple in Chinese Kung Fu and Zen culture, and led students to visit the scenic spots and to take close look at a wonderful martial arts performance. Scholarship student from Vietnam—Huang Chunzhuang said after the visit:”The visit of the Shaolin Temple that we have dreamed for a long time has made us learn a lot; I have not only appreciated a lot of historic spots like the Front Gate, Heavenly Kings Hall, Buddhist Abbot’s Room, Tower Forest and so on but also enjoyed the martial arts performance. It’s really a rewarding trip.” Nulgurim from Kyrgyzstan said:”it’s my first time coming to China and my first time to visit the Shaolin Temple. The martial arts performance is really amazing and wonderful.”

Through the trip, students got the primary understanding of the history of the Shaolin temple, and more intuitive knowledge of Chinese ancient building, calligraphy, sculpture, art and religion. This trip also deepened their understanding of Chinese Kungfu and Zen culture as well as their interests towards Chinese language learning.

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