HENU sets up Silk Road College jointly with KNU

On October 23, 2020, Kanat Sadykov, the president of Kyrgyz National University of Kyrgyzstan, hosted the signing ceremony of “Henan University of China - National University of Kyrgyzstan Jointly Build Silk Road College ” and signed the agreement.  Professor Subai Anabek, representative of HENU, attended the signing ceremony and stressed that the pandemic of 2020 would not hinder the confidence and efforts of the two universities to make progresses of higher education.

On October 29th, President Kanat Sadykov wrote to President Song Chunpeng that the development of the Silk Road College was strongly supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic and he was full of expectation and confidence for the future development of the Silk Road college. In order to support the teaching and administration of the new-born college, KNU has approved it to use a whole floor with a total area of more than 800 square meters in Bishkek Campus.

In the future, the Silk Road College will provide a strong boost to the development of the Belt and Road Initiative as a catalyst for development.

Minglun Campus:

85 Minglun Street, Kaifeng 475001, P.R. China

Minglun Campus:


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