Tips for Winter Vacation and Spring Semester Arrangements for International Students of Henan University in 2020

Hello, dear international students!

According to the school calendar and school work arrangements, the 2020 winter vacation time, the spring semester registration and related work arrangements are now notified as follows:

I Duration of Vacation

The winter vacation starts from January 11th to February 14th, 2020.

II Canteen Services during Winter Vacation

The central canteen in Minglun Campus and the first floor of Nanyuan canteen in Jinming Campus will be open, while the first floor of Beiyuan canteen in Jinming Campus will open according to the number of teachers and students dining there. The open time is 7:00-8:30, 11:30-13:00, 17:30-19:00 every day. Services in other canteens are suspended during vacation.

III. Arrangement for Spring Semester 2020

(1) Registration time

Students should register on February 15th and 16th, and start classes on February 17th (Monday). Please bring your student ID card to the International Student Admissions Management Office for registration on time from February 15th to 16th, 2020 (9: 00-12: 00 am; 3: 00-6: 00 pm). Classes will begin on February 17th.

(2)Fees are required to be paid in advance of registration. Those who have not paid the fees are NOT allowed to go through the registration procedure.

a) Insurance premium, please first log on to the insurance website ( to see if the insurance expires, and renew the insurance before the expiration (insurance premium for students awarded with Chinese government scholarship and Confucius Institute scholarship are paid by the school);

b) For self-financed students or those whose scholarships have been suspended, please firstly go to the office to get the payment list, then go to the bank to pay the fees accordingly, and finally submit the bank receipt to the International Student Admissions Management Office.

(3) Consequences of Delayed Registration

According to provisions of Section II, Chapter III of the International Student Student Handbook issued by our college, those who cannot register on time must notify the school reasons and ask for permission in advance; those who fail to register on time without giving notification or being approved for the leave will be regarded as absent from school; and those who are fail to register for more than three weeks without reason will be regarded as automatic withdrawal and their school roll will be canceled.

(4) Registration Time and Living Expenses

a) For those who register from February 17th to February 29th, with leave of absence approved by their colleges and ISCLC, they can continue to enjoy the living expenses in February; otherwise, they are not qualified for the living expense during their absence(the second half of February) which will be deducted from the living expenses in March!

b) For those who register from March 1st to March 9th, they are not qualified for living expenses in the second half of February, which will be deducted from the living expenses in March!

c) Withdrawal and Cancellation of Residence Permit

The registration deadline for spring registration is the third week of the school year (March 9th, 2020). Starting on March 10th, students who fail to register on time will be subject to disciplinary procedures including withdrawal and cancellation of residence permits.

(5) Absence due to Internship and Dissertation Materials Collection

Doctoral and master students must provide written certification materials issued by the college before February 19th when they practice internship or collect materials in accordance with the college requirements. Failure to provide written evidence on time will result in suspension of living expenses during their absence.

IV Holiday Tips:

(1) Traffic safety

1. Purchase of train tickets or flight tickets should be conducted via legal means. Please go to official and legal stations and take vehicles with legal operating qualifications instead of taking unlicensed ones.

2. Close attention should be paid to your belongings during the journey to protect them from being stolen; be careful with personal information such as mobile phone number, school and family when chatting with strangers and do not reveal it carelessly; maintain timely communication with teachers and families in case of abnormal situation.

3.Unobstructed communication should be maintained and please be sure to inform parents and friends of the train number, departure place, destination and arrival time, meeting place and personnel in time.

(2) Personal and property safety

1. Please take good care of your property during the holidays. Valuables should be carried all the time and it is not recommended to carry large sum of cash with you.

2. Please do not disclose bank card passwords, or use consecutive numbers or birthdays as passwords, and bank cards should be stored separately from passports.

3. Please do not be tempted by high returns which are likely to be scams; don’t trust the text messages containing “transfer and remittance” and “winning”; don’t transfer money to strangers, and make sure to call your family or friends in time to confirm if you feel uncertain.

4. Please pay attention to the safety of online shopping, and do not disclose key information such as bank card password, credit card security code, and SMS verification code to anyone.

5. Please avoid traveling alone at night and exposing your property, and don't accept invitations from strangers.

6. Please pay attention to warming keeping during changeable weather to avoid cold.

(3) Dormitory security

1. When leaving the dormitory, it is a good practice to turn off the indoor power supply and lock the doors and windows to ensure the safety of your property and your roommates’.

2. Please do not connect the wires by yourself in the dormitory. Electric heating appliances such as electric stoves, fast heating cups, and electric heating cups are forbidden to use in dormitory. When charging electric vehicles, mobile phones, tablet computers, etc., they should be placed in a place where they can be easily cooled. Please remove the plug when leaving the room.

(4) Diet Safety

Please dine in restaurants with business license and good sanitary conditions, and avoid the consumption of foods such as cold dishes, raw seafood, and wild mushroom. Please be conscious about food safety and protect yourself from food poisoning.

(5) International students are forbidden to work while studying.

(6) Dormitory Safety

Please observe the discipline of the dormitory and keep quiet in the dormitory. It is strictly forbidden to play audio aloud in the dormitory, to make loud noises and disturb others after 10 PM, to return late and climb the walls to enter the dormitory. Smoking and drinking are prohibited in the dormitory.

(7) Religion-related Matters

It is only allowed to participate in legal religious activities in legal religious places in China (Note: In any public places such as schools, classrooms, restaurants, apartments, playgrounds, etc., it is not allowed to spread religious speech, display religious signs, organize religious activities, establish religious groups, or wear extreme color religious clothing).

(8) Application for Residence Permit and Accommodation Registration

1. Please pay attention to the expiry date of your residence permit. Students whose residence permit expires before February 17th, 2020 should prepare relevant materials before January 20th, 2020 and go to the admissions management office to complete the relevant residence permit extension procedures.

2. After returning to the dormitory from abroad or Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao of China, please inform the administrator of the dormitory to register for temporary accommodation within 24 hours on arrival at the dormitory according to the registration procedures. Temporary accommodation registration form is one of the important materials for residence permit, please keep it properly.

We wish everyone a happy holiday!


January 10, 2020

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