2020 Chinese Government Scholarships-Chinese University Program Information

The “Chinese Government Scholarships-Chinese University Program”is a full scholarship provided by Chinese Government for provincial education administrations and some Chinese universities in some provinces and autonomous regions in China. It is used by some Chinese universities to directly select and recruit outstanding foreign young students to study for graduate degrees in China.

I. Eligibility

1. Non-Chinese citizens who are in good health;
2. Education and Age Requirements:
Those who are studying for doctoral degree at Henan University must have a Master’s degree or above , and be under 40 years of age (Based on September 1st, 2020).

II. Application Procedures

From 2020, applicants DO NOT need to send paper-based application document to Henan University, but they must complete the online application on both the Chinese Government Scholarship Online Application System and the Henan University Online Application System, and upload documents according to the requirements.
1.Applicants should log into first,  fill in the application information online in Chinese or English, submit and print out the“Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form. After signing the Application Form, applicants should upload it to the designed section(see 2).
2.Then, applicants should log on to the online registration system of Henan University to complete online application in Chinese or English, and upload corresponding scanned documents according to the application material list of Chinese Government Scholarship. The scanned copy of signed Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form should be uploaded to “Other Attachment”.
Note: Type of study abroad: Type B; Acceptance agency code: 10475.

III. Application procedure and deadline: Applicants should apply directly to Henan University. Application deadline is planned to be April 30th, 2020. Due to the influence of COVID-2019 epidemic, any change will be updated and announced on the website of International School for Chinese Language and Culture, Henan University.

IV. Result Release Time: Late July or early August, 2020.

For detailed information, please click to visit:

1. Application Guidelines for Chinese Government Scholarships-Chinese University Program

2. Homepage of China Scholarship Council:

3.Payment Notice for Chinese Government Scholarships Students2020)

4.Henan University Online Application Process Diagram


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