Brief Introduction of ISCLC

Henan University began teaching Chinese as a second language since 1985. By now, it has admitted more than 3500 overseas students from more than 20 countries including America, Australia, Canada, Egypt,France, German,Israel, India,Italy, Japan,Korea ,Laos,Mongolia,Nepal, Russia, Republic of Romania,Republic of Kyrgyzstan,Thailand ,the Federal and Islamic Republic of the Comoros,Vietnam, etc.

International School for Chinese Language and Culture (ISCLC) is the special instrumentality which offers Chinese education for overseas students. It has more than 30 teachers, including part-time ones. 6 of them are professors, and 8 of them are vice-professors. All of the full-time teachers have the Certificate for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language given by the Ministry of Education. Most of them have the experience of teaching abroad. During the more than 20 years’ Chinese-teaching to overseas students, the Centre has accumulated rich teaching experience and achieved a satisfactory result. Foreign students who entered our college improved their Chinese language level rapidly.

Henan University is the Test Center for the Chinese Proficiency Test (New HSK) which is launched by Hanban. According to the needs of the foreign students, the New HSK Exam can be hold monthly.

Minglun Campus:

85 Minglun Street, Kaifeng 475001, P.R. China

Minglun Campus:


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