2022/2023 Henan University Admissions Guide for Chinese Government Scholarships-Chinese University Program

The Government Scholarships-Chinese University program aims to select international students with excellent academic background, professional ability and future development potential. Henan University will give full play to the advantages and characteristics of its disciplines, select and recruit outstanding young international students to study for postgraduate degrees in our university, and cultivate high-level international talents.

I. Scholarship Category,  Language of Instruction and Duration

1. Scholarship Category: full-time postgraduates (master's students, doctoral students);

2. The language of instruction is generally Chinese, and our university can provide English instruction for some majors;

Language proficiency requirements for majors taught in Chinese:

At least reach HSK level 4

Language proficiency requirements for English-taught majors:

(1) The mother tongue or official language is English

(2) Applicants whose native language is not English:

IELTS 6.5 or new TOEFL 86 or above

3. The scholarship period is the study period determined at the time of admission, including the period of professional study and Chinese tuition. The subsidy period for Chinese tutoring is generally 1 year, the subsidy period for master students is generally 2-3 years, and the subsidy period for doctoral students is generally 4 years, which cannot be extended in principle.

II. Scholarship Content

1. Provide tuition fees;

2. Provide free on-campus double room accommodation or provide monthly accommodation subsidies in accordance with the Chinese government scholarship funding standards;

3. Provide living expenses;

4. Provide comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China.

III. Application channels and application deadlines

Applicants should apply directly to our university; the application deadline is April 5.

IV. Application Conditions

1. Non-Chinese citizens, in good health;

2. Education and age requirements:

Those who come to China to study for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree, excellent academic performance, and be under the age of 35;

Those who come to China to study for a doctoral degree must have a master's degree or above and be under the age of 40.

Remarks: In principle, it should be an international student outside of Chinese mainland, and it could also be recommended the fresh undergraduate graduates and fresh master graduates.

V. Application process

Step 1: Online application of Henan University International Student Online Service System

Applicants must submit materials before April 5, 2022 (see Annex 2 for specific requirements), namely the first page of passport, notarized highest education certificate, academic transcript, language proficiency certificate, study plan in China, recommendation letter, Foreigner Physical Examination Form, certificate of no criminal record, research results, etc.

Register an account in Henan University International Student Online Service System (, fill in the personal information accurately, and click "Submit" to complete the online application.

This year's admissions are submitted online. Applicants should ensure that the materials submitted online are consistent with the originals. Complete application materials will be given priority to the next round of review.

Step 2: Preliminary review of International School for Chinese Language and Culture(ISCLC) of Henan University

Before April 8, according to the admission requirements, ISCLC will review the application qualifications item by item, focusing on reviewing the academic background, language level, identity qualification, health status, etc., and consult the teaching school for review.

Step 3: Henan University teaching School review, remote interview or written test

Before April 13, the teaching school will organize an expert review, focusing on reviewing the applicant's academic performance, scientific research ability, language level, academic background, comprehensive quality and development potential, select the best candidates for a remote interview or written test, and report the results to ISCLC.

Step 4: Submit the application online in the Chinese Government Scholarship Management Information System for Studying in China

Before April 16, the school will notify applicants of the pre-admission results and provide pre-admission notices through email or the international student registration system for declaration (Type : Category B; Acceptance institution code: 10475) .

Step 5: Recommend candidates to the China Scholarship Council

On April 20, the school reported the recommendation list to the China Scholarship Council.

Step 6: Final review by experts organized by the China Scholarship Council

The China Scholarship Council will organize experts from relevant disciplines to conduct final review on the applicant's academic performance, comprehensive quality, development potential, etc., and select the best candidates for admission.

Scholarship applicants who are not admitted, if they are willing to apply for our school's self-funded projects, will be given priority for admission.

Step 7: Notify students of admission results

ISCLC informs the students of the admission results.

VI. Matters needing attention

1. Chinese government scholarship students are not allowed to enjoy other scholarships (excluding all kinds of one-time incentives) established by the Chinese government at all levels and the admitted institutions at the same time.. Those who deliberately conceal the funding situation will not be allowed to apply for Chinese government scholarships within three years, except for disqualification.

2. Applicants who have applied to other universities in the Chinese Government Scholarship Management Information System to study in China should not apply to Henan University repeatedly.

3. Once the scholarship recipients are admitted, they are not allowed to change their majors, duration of study and language of instruction.

4. Admitted students must complete the registration and registration procedures in strict accordance with the time specified by the university. Those who fail to register on time as required will not be eligible for scholarships.

5. Those who fail to obtain the corresponding graduation or completion certificate on time or fail the physical examination will be disqualified from admission.

6. Scholarship students must participate in the annual review after entering university to confirm whether to fund, suspend or cancel the scholarship qualification for the next academic year based on the review results.

7. Henan University Chinese Government Scholarship Admissions Guide for Master and Doctoral Programs in Finance in countries along the "Silk Road" will be released separately.

VII. Contact information

Contact: Han Rencheng

Tel: 0086-371-22868169



Postcode: 475001

Address: No. 85, Minglun Street, Kaifeng City, Henan Province

Appendix 1: Instructions for Chinese Government Scholarship Information System (CGSIS)

Appendix 2: Chinese Government Scholarship Application(English-Chinese version)

Appendix 3:Henan University Online Application Process Diagram(English-Chinese version)

Appendix  4:Payment Notice for Chinese Government Scholarship students( Full Scholarship,English-Chinese version)

Appendix  5:English Taught Programs of Henan University

Appendix  6:Chinese Taught Programs of Henan University


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