Warm Reminder on Safety Precautions for International Students of Henan University during Winter Holidays in 2022-2023

According to the requirements of the Notice of Henan University on the Arrangement of the 2023 New Year’s Day and Winter Holiday, and the spirit of the special meeting on school safety and students’ safety, the following are the precautions for international students during winter holidays in 2022-2023 :

Vacation time:

5th January (Thursday)- 10th February (Friday)

11th February (Saturday)- 12th February (Sunday) for registration, classes start on 13th February (Monday)

Warm Reminder:

1. Abide by laws and regulations, university rules and regulations, and consciously maintain a good image of HENU. Do not do anything that would damage the reputation of HENU.

2. During the holidays, do not leave Kaifeng unless necessary. If you really need, please fill the leaving form, and ask your school, professor and counsellor for permission.

3. Do not participate in illegal missionary, pyramid selling and illegal campus loans.

4. Strengthen the awareness of the fraud prevention and prevent falling into Internet scams.

5. Students living on campus should abide by dormitory management regulations, it is strictly prohibited from let others stay over-night. Pay attention to dormitory safety, close doors and windows and turn off power when going out. Register at dormitory front desk when leave dormitory, and strictly observe the discipline of going out and return within the prescribed time.

Students living outside the campus and those who are in other cities in mainland China should strengthen security awareness, safeguard personal and property safety, and strengthen contact with school teachers.

Students living outside of mainland China please pay attention to the school website, WeChat official account, and email information.

6. Make sure to protect yourself outside, reduce gathering, wear a mask and pay attention to personal and property safety.

7. Pay attention to your own health, and seek medical advice if you feel unwell.

8. Improve traffic safety awareness and consciously abide by traffic regulations.

9. Pay attention to food safety, maintain healthy eating habits.

10. In case of severe weather such as thunderstorm, storm, ice and snow, take protective measures against wind, rain, lightning, freezing, and skid.

11. Make rational use of the internet, pay attention to network security, and pay attention to network ethics.

12. Take precautions against potential safety hazards and unstable factors that may exist, and report suspicious situations to the school teachers, and timely call the police when in emergency situations. If you have any problems or encounter any emergency during the holiday, please contact school teachers.

In case of emergency during the vacation, please contact the teachers in time. The contact information is as follows:

Enrollment Management Office: 0371-22868169 15236164854

Life- support service Office: 0371-22199965 15093667400

You can also call the following numbers for help: Alarm -110, Fire Alarm -119, Medical Emergency -120.

ISCLC, Henan University

6th January, 2023

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