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ISCLC Organized Scholarship Students to Qufu Having a Visit of“Admiring the Confucius Relics, Tasting the Confucius Culture”

Time:2013-12-27      Source:未知      Author:admin

Sponsored by the project“Cultural Activities for Scholarship Students”of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), the ISCLC organized 45 students who had won the Confucius Institute Scholarship to “visit the Confucius Monuments and appreciate the Confucian Culture” in Qufu,Shandong province, on December 7thand 8th. They are students coming from 11 countries as America, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia,Thailand,Kyrgyzstan,Romania,Turkey,and Russia.

Due to the weather, the students arrived in Qufu at 6 p.m. on December 7th. The next morning, after breakfast, they began their cultural tour guided by the teacher and tourist guide. Through the introduction of “Three-Confucius”, namely, Confucian Temple, Confucian Mansion and Confucian Cemetery, by the teacher and guide, the students had aelementary understanding of Confucius and his status. Student from Kyrgyzstan—Nurgurim who has won the Confucius Scholarship for one year said: “Oh, with the help of our teacher, we know that in the ancient times of China, men and women can’t meet with each other without permissions and in order to get rid of the love between men and women, people built water channels. Water bearers can only use the channels to transport the water and it’s really interesting. ” Sushichuiling from Vietnam said:”I appreciate the cultural activities conducted by Hanban and Henan University very much, and thanks to it, I have a chance to know more about Confucius today. Confucius is really a great man and as to his thoughts, I need to learn much more and I hope that I can learn more about Confucius and his thoughts during the study in Henan University.”

During the visit of “Three-Confucius” in Qufu, Shangdong Province, Scholarship students of Confucius Institute in our university had a simple communication with Scholarship students from Nanjing University of Information and Engineering and then took a photo together.

Through the cultural activities of “admiring the Confucius relics, tasting the Confucius culture”, the Scholarship students have not only deepen their understanding of the naming sources of Confucius Scholarship but also can make their own contribution to the spread of Chinese language and culture.