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Confucius Institute Successfully Organized a Workshop on the Teaching of Chinese for Local Teachers.

Time:2013-04-11      Source:ISCLC      Author:Anonymous

On March 8 and 9, 2013, the Confucius Institute of the University of Akron successfully organized a workshop on the teaching of Chinese for local teachers.

The workshop invited Professor Michael E. Everson from the University of Iowa. With profound theoretical basis, rich experiences concerning Chinese learning and teaching, he explained the teaching skills of the interpretation of Chinese reading from various aspects such as the teaching objectives, teaching strategies, teaching process and the effect evaluation. His explanation was full of vividness and was combined with many modern elements. The local teachers actively interacted with the professor and they burst into laughers form time to time. During the break time, the professor was surrounded by many teachers. They discuss with the professor about the problems they encountered in the teaching process in detail.

The professor’s erudite explanations enable the local Chinese teachers to receive a wealth of nutrition so that they could feel more confident to teach Chinese well. At the end of the workshop, the local teachers were eagerly looking forward to another opportunity to attend such workshops.